MMU Operator

July 12, 2019, 8:04 a.m.
Aug. 7, 2019, 12:59 p.m.

Short Description

To assist in providing a quality service of bulk explosive delivery to customers in a safe and environmentally conscious manner at all times. To operate plant and equipment providing the delivery of blasting products and services to our customer sites

Long Description

Operations At all times ensuring the safety and protection of self, fellow employees, customers, the public and the environment, with the aim of delivering the operational services to the volume, service type and quality specified by client expectations by: 1. Complying with the requirements of the Orica Safety Charter, Operating procedures and standards. 2. Maintaining the Safety Culture by conducting all business activities with regard Orica’s vision 3. Reporting all Unusual Incidents and Accidents immediately 4. Be prepared to speak up and challenge all and any unsafe working methods or practices by anyone 5. Participating in daily Toolbox talks and Monthly Safety Meetings 6. Undertake all and any necessary training for Operations, SHEC and site specific requirements 7. Maintaining all personal training against the Orica training Matrix for your role 8. Ensuring all emergency equipment and First Aid kits are complete 9. Assisting in the management of Audit actions 10. Ensuring minimum damage to the environment through waste minimisation and control 11. Ensure raw materials and dangerous goods are used, handled and stored according to requirements of the SDS. 12. Maintaining required House Keeping standards 13. Maintaining the culture of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction 14. Notifying Orica site management of any variations in product specification, appearance or performance 15. Assisting the client in achieving targets and maintaining production 16. Maintaining professional relationships within Orica and with customers 17. Perform other ancillary duties including relief at other locations, consistent with level of competence as reasonably instructed by the supervisor


(Core Behavioural) Collaborates

(Core Behavioural) Situational adaptability

(Core Behavioural) Customer focus

(Core Behavioural) Self-development

(Core Behavioural) Courage

(Core Behavioural) Plans and aligns

(Core Behavioural) Develops talent

(Core Behavioural) Decision quality

(Core Behavioural) Action oriented

(Core Behavioural) Cultivates innovation

(Core Behavioural) Ensures accountability

(Core Behavioural) Drives vision and purpose


Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Clearance Authority

S1, S2, S3 (Site Safety Supervisor)

Lock Out / Tag Out Compliance

Change Management/Alteration Authority Compliance

Permit to Work Compliance

SSAN Licence

This job has expired.

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