Mechanic Senior Supervisor

Sept. 12, 2019, 8:33 a.m.
Sept. 17, 2019, 2:03 p.m.

About the Role

The Senior Supervisor Mechanic provides the implementation of mechanical inspection requirement while promoting and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for everyone at work. Reporting to the Superintendent Plant and based on MSJ Coal Mine Project on a 4/2 roster, you will work collaboratively towards delivering high quality solutions and results.

Some of your duties will include;

To ensure that the Maintenance Department goals are achieved MA>90 %, MTBS>60 hours Zero LTI, by following the procedures which are set up in Company Management System.

Communication and reporting. Ensure maximum communication levels are maintained between workshop and operations personnel regarding breakdowns safety issues, and prioritizing of equipment repairs.

Ensure to accurate the completion of daily breakdown report for reviewing by the Senior Supervisor before end of shift every day.

Analysis of component condition and recommendation of parts required. Ensure that the correct procedures are used when breakdowns and failures troubleshooting. 

Ensure all WOs open status have been compared with current break down equipment to make sure all WOs are controlled and closed if the job has been done.

Review DOOD (Daily Outstanding Operator Defect), SOS report, mechanical inspection are analysed and reviewed and also ensure it is submitted in daily complete with the part recommendation. Ensure the mechanic raises the list of part recommended accurately to address all backlog, breakdowns and planned maintenance.

Ensure all break down machine are reported in OCDC, and all information repair description, coding, start and finish have been filled in OCDC correctly.

Prepare parts equipment and manpower for planned work and shutdown days, Ensure all repairs are carried out in an effective cost and timely manner.

Investigation and reporting of all accident damage to all equipment in the field and associated area, this is included with the operator abuse.

Make a safe working environment for all employees by ensuring all activities are carry out according to the work procedures in the Company Management System, JSEAs are relevant and all hazards are controlled.

Ensure that there is no impact for the environment from the activities that are carried out to operate and repair equipment by ensuring that the procedures in the Company Management System are followed. 

Ensure that all maintenance tasks are carried out in a safe and make sure subordinate understand of our objectives and Thiess policies, and address all safety information to crew.

Ensure all the disciplinary actions are issued as required in accordance with the GBU Mine Regulations.

About you

What skills and experience do you need?

Minimum Senior High School, Mechanical Engineer or Mechanical Trade Specialist is preferred; requires a minimum 8 years' professional experience in similar role as Senior Supervisor Mechanic with relevant qualification in Mechanical & Auto Electrical HE Repair and Plant Supervision in mining industry, planning of daily shut down schedule and breakdown repair; mechanical & auto electrical repair experience in all round unit. diagnostic skill in all aspects of electrical repairs;

Repair and maintain medium and heavy duty equipment

Have a certain capacity of communication with supervision and mechanic

This job has expired.

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