Coal Technician

Feb. 11, 2019, 7:34 a.m.
Feb. 21, 2019, 7:50 a.m.


To ensure the correct and timely preparation and analysis of coal and other related samples in accordance with the appropriate international standards.


Ensure that correct procedures are utilized in all aspects of sampling, recording, preparation, analysis, storage and reporting.

To provide and maintain a high quality of accurate and timely completion of the above.

To ensure accuracy, precision and traceability of prepared samples.

Assist with the preventative maintenance of all preparation equipment.

To maintain a safety aware environment.

The ability to use basic CCLAS to carry out the booking in of samples and analysis.

Communication to the previous/following shift.

The authority to cease to use any equipment that may constitute a safety hazard or that may effect the integrity of results (any such act must be reported to the Supervisor immediately).

Perform duties of all routine shipping and exploration project sampling, preparation and analysis.

Plan shift workflow and coordinate pick-ups and analysis.

Required to work shiftwork if required and reasonable notice is given.

Available to work in the testing, sampling and analytical areas of the business.

Required to do work at classification levels up to and including this classification.

Required to participate in housekeeping at their place of work and the local site in order to maintain a clean, safe and pleasant working environment.  This will extend to non-routine maintenance of sites, eg. special clean-ups before and after site functions, after storms and in preparation of visits etc.

Be compliant to all SGS QHSE and HR policies and procedures.

At all times, comply with SGS Code of Integrity and Professional Conduct.


Coal sampling, preparation and testing experience preferred, but not essential

Good computer skills ie. Excel beneficial (CCLAS preferred, but not essential)

Experience with float/sink chemicals, handling acids and chemicals preferred, but not essential

Previous experience in general mineral laboratory environment preferred

Proven experience working as a flexible team player

Proven experience working to tight and pressured deadlines


General Principles:

Customer service orientation

Responsibility and accountability

Teamwork and cooperation

Analytical problem solving


Organisational skills

Be proactive in the completion of designated tasks

Fosters Innovation

Develop Self and Others

Collaborates Effectively

Delivers Superior Results


Compliant to all SGS QOH&S and HR policies and procedure

Granted sufficient authority to achieve the given responsibilities as per relevant SGS Authority policies

Responsible for own safety and health at work, and for others at work

Must follow lawful instructions from employer for their safety and health

Must wear PPE, clothing and safety equipment as instructed

Must care for and maintain safety equipment

Must report safety or health issues in the workplace

This job has expired.

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