Helvetic Fokker Relocates To Australia’s Alliance

A Helvetic Fokker 100 is on its way to Australia to begin a new life flying for local FIFO and charter specialist Alliance Airlines. It is a 15,585-kilometer hop from Bratislava to Brisbane and its new life in the red dust and mulga scrub of outback Australia will be a far cry from its previous life zooming around Southern Europe from Helvetic’s Zurich base.

Helvetic sold its remaining five Fokker 100s to Alliance in July 2019. The five aircraft are being stored by Helvetic and their registrations are HB-JVC, HB-JVE, HB-JVF, HB-JVG, and HB-JVH. Going forward, Helvetic will be operating a standardized Embraer fleet.

Alliance’s deal with Helvetic includes five Fokker 100s and all of Helvetic’s spare parts, tooling and engines. Outside of Fokker, Alliance now has the world’s largest inventory of engines and spare parts.