Dust Suppression Solution Offered To Protect Miners Health In Australia

Global Road Technology, based in Yatala, Queensland, Australia, has announced that they are offering a dust suppression solution that can help protect the health of miners in Australia. There is a growing concern about the health and safety of mining workers in Australia because of the increasing number of cases of “black lung” disease and silicosis. A black lung advocacy group has revealed that there have been almost 20 new diagnoses of coal dust disease in Queensland workers in the past two weeks. These diseases are believed to be caused primarily by prolonged exposure to coal mine dust and can be fatal.

According to statistics from CFMEU Mining & Energy, more than 100 people in Queensland have already been diagnosed with mine dust diseases, such as black lung and silicosis. CFMEU Mining & Energy Queensland District President Steve Smyth is even worried that the real number of victims could be much higher because of poor processes of diagnosing workers.

(Image by -z-w-i-e-l-i-c-h-t- from PixaBay)