Flat Tyres And Broken Windows: The Pilbara Road Screaming For Funding

A stand-off is emerging over who will pay to seal the remaining 155 kilometres of 'nationally significant' Pilbara road, risking future prosperity of the region.

The red dirt sections of the Karratha-Tom Price Road have claimed countless windscreens and tyres from travellers, miners and Pilbara residents willing to brave it.

A four stage fix has been on the drawing board for more than 20 years, the first two stages were completed 15 years ago and the third has started but $256 million needs to be raised to finish it and wallets are shutting.

A sealed Karratha-Tom Price Road would improve access to remote Aboriginal communities in the region; become a linchpin of new mining activity in the western Pilbara; and unlock tourism opportunities.