Exxaro Weighs Coal Export Handling Options As RBCT Congestion Raises Its Head Again

EXXARO Resources will consider exporting coal through port handling terminals other than Richards Bay Coal Terminal (RBCT), in which it is a shareholder, as it sought to manage the twin effects of congestion and inclement weather.

Responding to questions following publication of its financial year pre-close message, the coal producer said it would consider the possibility of channeling exports through Richards Bay Navitrade, which Grindrod and RBT Resources manage under licence from Transnet Port Terminals Authority, and Mozambique’s Maputo port facilities.

The group didn’t get the coal export performance it required as a result of difficult weather conditions in Richards Bay where congestion is currently high again. Monsoon conditions on coal routes at other times of the year also made improved export management a necessity.

(Image by Ricobino from PixaBay)