From China To The Outback: Logistical Nightmare Behind Transport Of Gigantic Wind Turbines

In what could only be described as a logistical nightmare, workers are preparing to transport a new wind farm more than 630 kilometres inland to power one of Australia's biggest gold mines.

Fifteen blades, measuring 66 metres in length, will be trucked individually from Geraldton on WA's mid-west coast to the remote Agnew gold mine in the northern Goldfields.

The blades were shipped from China and arrived at Geraldton Port on the Dutch bulk cargo vessel Danzigergracht this week.

The components for five wind turbines have taken several days to unload and required the Mid West Ports Authority to build a new hardstand for trucks, while the ship needed to be turned around in port mid-way through the process.

(Image by sarangib from PixaBay)