Australia Should Overturn Nuclear Ban And Could Still Build SMRs, Expert Says

THE time has passed for Australia to build large nuclear plants, but it could still make use of small modular reactors to power industry. This is the view of nuclear expert Ziggy Switkowski, who told lawmakers the country’s ban on nuclear energy should be repealed.

Switkowski, who led a government review of nuclear power in 2006, appeared as an expert witness before the Standing Committee on Environment and Energy on 29 August. The committee has been tasked by government to investigate the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia. The country has a long-running bipartisan moratorium on the use of nuclear power despite being the world’s third-largest producer of uranium.

Switkowski, former Chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), said such bans should be removed even if Australia decides not to press ahead with the use of new reactors.