Mining On The Resource-Rich Island Of Fiji’s Viti Levu

Fiji’s Viti Levu is rich in minerals and relatively underexplored, making the South Pacific island nation a top frontier mining jurisdiction.

Fiji’s prime location along the Pacific Ring of Fire has gifted the country with deposits of gold, copper, silver and zinc. Many of the nations located along this chain similarly host massive amounts of mineral resources and have become major mining jurisdictions. For example, the 80-year-old Vatukoula gold mine is a significant contributor to Fiji’s economy. Major Australian gold producer Newcrest Mining (ASX:NCM) is similarly advancing one of the largest undeveloped copper resources in the world, the Namosi project located on the Fijian island of Viti Levu.

The Pacific Ring of Fire is a 40,000 kilometer-long, horseshoe-shaped chain of belts, oceanic trenches and volcanic arcs that stretches from the tip of Chile up to Alaska, encircling the entire Pacific Ocean from Japan down through the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. This region is a hotbed of seismic activity. The vast majority of the Earth’s most violent earthquakes occur here, alongside more than 450 volcanoes.