Diggers & Dealers 2019: Unlocking Technology Advantage Makes Australia’s Resources Sector A World Leader, Says Seven Group’s Ryan Stokes

Seven Group managing director Ryan Stokes says the Australian mining industry is a global leader in developing and adopting technology and innovation which will continue to sustain and strengthen it for years to come.

Speaking at the WesTrac Gala Dinner on the final night of the annual Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum in Kalgoorlie, Mr Stokes noted Australian mining companies employed 250,000 people and rewarded its employees with the highest average wages of any sector in the country.

“In the two decades since WesTrac first started to host the gala, our industry has benefited from some of the strongest and most sustained periods of growth of any industry globally,” he said.

“During that period, exponential population growth and the industrialisation and urbanisation of major economies such as China and India have fuelled the largest demand for natural resources in human history.”