Latest Deswik Module Speeds Up Creation Of Survey Solids From Scan Data

Global mining software development company Deswik has released an innovative product designed to handle large amounts of scanned survey point data and automate the process of creating valid solids from it. Deswik Product Manager – Survey Stephen Rowles says the new Deswik.AdvSurvey module, which was rolled out in April, has been designed to reflect the changing scope of survey in mining.

“Three years ago, we released our core survey functionality within Deswik.CAD which was developed in conjunction with a number of client sites, including one in Western Australia,” Rowles says. “This new functionality takes it to the next level. Most sites are using scanners and/or UAV’s to complement their current survey methods. They are using these tools to improve existing survey practices, and in many cases,  they see both improved efficiency and increased safety by removing surveyors from operational areas in the field.”